Sunday, February 10, 2013


Welcome to Mihir Mobile Solutions (MMS) !!
We are glad that you are visiting us today.

My name is Jani Nemana, and I will be your tour guide today, at MMS :)

As our Website describes, we are the pioneers in providing Mobile Extended Value Services. We are easily the first of those companies that bring the daily-life from any walk of life, on to the mobile devices. We also boast about the versatility of our solutions that work on all Mobile technologies (Smart, Non-Smart, WAP, IVR, SMS etc). We take pride in being the first to automate a lot of routine tasks of the global Education Industry on a universal cloud based system.

However, we also humbly submit that we are indeed part of a global Eco-System of mobile applications. This eco-system consists of Cloud Providers, Telecom Operators, VAS providers, Database providers, Content providers, ISPs, Hardware & Software providers, Storage & Data Center providers, and of course Major Solution providers like us.

We are aware of the immense burden of being a major player in this space that we are shouldering. We are also constantly reminding ourselves of the tremendous responsibility of keeping up with the 'pioneer' tag we proudly claim for ourselves.

So, Why an Eco-System ?
Well, mainly because we can not do it alone; no single entity effectively can!
We needed all the providers we listed above, to make this work seamlessly. Our cognizant effort is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to implement our Solutions.
So, we sought help from our Cloud partners like Amazon and GoDaddy;
We turned to MySql and Oracle for elastic database solutions;
We depended on ever-trustable Linux, as a base platform
We embraced Apple, Google, RIM and Microsoft for their respective Mobile environments.

As a result, we were successfully able to design our solutions in such a way that our customers don't need any hardware nor software to install at their end, to implement our solutions :) The Eco-system takes care of all peripheral necessities so that we will stay focused on engineering world-class mobile solutions.

And the search still continues for more partners that can help us constantly improve the quality of our solutions.